Terms of use

The Terms and Conditions of Use, listed on this page, apply to you and any devices that could be linked back to you when you view, access or otherwise use the blog located at www.corelan.be (the “blog”) and/or the forum hosted on the blog (the “forum”), and/or the freetools website hosted at users.telenet.be,  freetools.corelan.be and/or corelan.be (the “freetoolswebsite”), and/or the website hosted at redmine.corelan.be and/or the website hosted at svn.corelan.be.  The terms of use apply to all pages, folders, files, images, applications or any other resource that is placed/hosted on these websites.

The resources, listed above, where the terms of use apply to, can be referenced  as “the sites” or “all sites”, or “the servers” or “the networks” in this document.

All rules dictated in the document also apply to general network connectivity to the server(s) and/or networks that are hosting the sites. All sites are owned by Peter Van Eeckhoutte.

All data and information provided on the sites is for informational purposes only. Peter Van Eeckhoutte or any one else makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness